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The iPrism Advantage for Corporate Internet Filters
There are serious threats on the Internet, assaulting your business network hourly: inappropriate content, spyware/malware, lost productivity, insecure instant messaging and peer-to-peer sessions, scams and identity theft , decreased bandwidth, poor network performance, and increased IT overhead.

The answer to stopping Internet threats is Corporate Internet filters - controlling and monitoring the Internet traffic going across your network, both ways. Finding an appropriate Internet filter solution has difficulties of its own. Hardware Internet filters are notoriously hard to configure accurately or with fine-grained control. Software Internet filter solutions such as a school Internet filter, are generally easier to use but the Internet filtering methods vary and have variable results. In addition, some software Internet filters have to be installed and updated separately on every workstation. A local server Internet filter opens itself up to being hacked or circumvented by skilled users and requires skilled maintenance to be effective.

iPrism Corporate Internet filters are a combined hardware/software Internet filter solution: a network appliance with dedicated Internet filter software. iPrism provides the most comprehensive Internet filters with the most network-friendly features:
  • iPrism Internet filters provide protection at the perimeter of your network. It works in between the firewall and the switches and web servers, so that it filters every packet of traffic before it is processed by your servers.
  • iPrism Internet filters integrate seamlessly with your current network by simply plugging it in, without any changes to the network configuration. iPrism is completely secure with no network vulnerability to internal or external breaches.
  • iPrism Internet filters can't be circumvented like a proxy or hacked like software Internet filters alone.
  • iPrism Internet filters have a simple web-based interface which makes the filtering service easy to configure, even when the network stretches across multiple locations and Internet filters appliances.
  • iPrism's iGuard database provides the most accurate Internet filters available since it is 100% human reviewed. Frequent updates mean that iGuard provides continual coverage even for new sites.

An Important Advantage for Schools
Schools and libraries have strict needs for an accurate school Internet filter because of the different groups they serve - children, parents, teachers, and boards. A school Internet filter must effectively filter problems like adult content and monitor a variety of protocols for IM, chat rooms, P2P, and web browsing. Additionally, school Internet filter technology must be context-aware, since false positives causes the school Internet filter to block out useful sites for research and education, but false negatives allow children access to inappropriate content.

iPrism is the ideal school Internet filter solution, because it centralizes management of multiple computers in a single configuration. It's even possible to provide a district-wide school Internet filter through a single appliance by installing iPrism at the wide-area network access point for the school district. More importantly, a school Internet filter is configured by setting categories of allowed or denied sites to different user profiles or user groups. Because iPrism supports different types of users, different patrons can have the access they require. This adaptability is a positive advantage for library Internet filter and school Internet filter solutions, since children can be blocked from adult sites, while adults can still access them.

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